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Software Developer Salary Guide: For Developers & Recruiters

The Software & IT industry is on the rise. Due to constant changes in the technology market, there is a high demand for skilled software developers and other IT engineers. Thus, hiring companies are continuously increasing software developer salary to attract new talents or retain the existing skilled developers.

As the world is progressing toward innovative technological developments, employers across all types of industries are looking for software developers. Thus, it emerges as one of the most in-demand jobs in the world right now. The industry is so dynamic that the salaries compiled a year ago are completely irrelevant today. This article gives detailed insights on Software Developer Salaries in the United States in 2022 to help you prepare for the recruitment process.

If you are one of those who want to pursue your career in the most demanding fields, software development is one of the first options for you. Once you are aware of the Software developer’s salary before applying for a job, you will get an idea of how much you are going to get paid and can negotiate with your recruiter accordingly. Learning the difference can help you land a developer job you are most interested in.

What Does A Software Developer Do?

A software developer is a professional who designs, builds, programs, and maintains software applications using several skills and tools to execute specific functions. They can either create new software or modify an existing one based on the functional requirements of the users. They are responsible for building software systems that power networks and devices to ensure that the systems remain functional. Having a good knowledge of coding languages can help software developers apply for specific positions. Software developers based out of the USA and Canada earn the highest average salaries in the world.

Software Developer Salary in USA 2022

You can observe a slight difference in the salary figures of Software developers depending on the company, place, and expertise. So, to sum up, a Software Developer’s salary can range between $68,290 – $81,990 per year in the USA based on his level of expertise with an average compensation being $74,790 per annum.

Software developer salary
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What Does A Web Developer Do?

Web developers use their coding skills to create websites for individuals and organizations. They can work on the front-end elements of the websites that are seen by the website users or the backed coding part that controls the operations of the website. When the website’s sole purpose is to produce sales for online businesses, the developers who create these websites are known as eCommerce developers. And there are Shopify developers, BigCommerce developers, WordPress developers, etc. who build websites on the corresponding eCommerce platforms.

Web Developer Salary in USA 2022

A web developer’s salary in the USA typically ranges from $57,823 – $79,897 per year with an average compensation is $75,191 per year. A typical Shopify developer salary falls between $73,400 – $115,864 per year with an average of $91,736 per year. The salary range can significantly depend on many factors like educational background, certifications, additional skills, experience, etc.

web developer salary

What Does A Frontend Developer Do?

Front-end development is a subset of web development. A front-end developer is responsible for creating a user-friendly interface on the website. They incorporate skills like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to control the look and feel of the website. The responsibilities of a front-end developer include creating a responsive user experience, optimizing images, JavaScript, and markup for faster site loading speeds, fixing bugs and errors, adhering to SEO practices, managing software workflow, etc. To carry out all these functions, the front-end developer requires several skills, and they get paid accordingly.

Front-End Developer Salary in the USA in 2022

front end developer salary

What Does A Backend Developer Do?

A backend developer is a technology professional who works on the back-end part of your website and controls how the system works. The backend part of the website constitutes a server, an application, and a database. The backend developer builds and maintains the technology that powers these components. They create programs using coding skills and facilitate communication between the databases and browsers.

Backend Developer Salary in the USA 2022

A back-end developer earns an average of $105,191 per annum and the salary ranges between $92,733 and $118,942 per year.

backend developer salary

What Does A Full-Stack Developer Do?

Full-Stack Developers carry out both the front-end and back-end sides of your website. But that doesn’t mean they earn double the salary of either frontend/backend developer. The key responsibilities of a full-stack developer include assisting in the design and development of software, software testing, and debugging, enabling cross-platform compatibility, developing APIs, ensuring security, maintenance, and scalability of the website, etc. They are ought to have expertise in a variety of coding languages, from databases to UI/UX management and graphic designing to perform their job effectively.

Full Stack Developer Salary in USA 2022

Full stack developer earns an average amount of $100,019 per year. The salary ranges typically lie between $85,224 and $112,857 per annum.

full stack developer salary

What Does An App Developer Do?

An app developer deals with designing, creating, testing, and updating programs for a particular device, web, or operating system. Developers who specialize in creating mobile phone applications are called mobile app developers. Their responsibilities include creating prototypes for applications, performing app testing, troubleshooting, and debugging the application, evaluating the existing apps and adding new features, and preparing documentation for the application code.

App Developer Salary in USA 2022

The average salary of an App developer is around $72,463 per year as of 2022. The salary range falls between $52,000 and $103,000 per annum. Some of the factors that decide an app developer’s salary include experience level, education, specialization, industry, geographical location, etc.

app developer salary


We hope that this article on the Software developer salary guide has been of good help both to the developers and recruiters to clear all the doubts. As a Software developer, you will find this career not only financially rewarding but also innovative and challenging as technology continues to evolve.

If you are considering a career shift to software development or do you want to hire software developers as a recruiter, this salary guide can prepare you beforehand for negotiation. It is to be observed that the tech market is dynamic and constantly changing. The salaries mentioned while writing this article may slightly differ from the salary range when you open this article a few months later. Though we update it accordingly, you are advised to review and reflect. Thanks for Reading!



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