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9 Best Countries to Hire Developers: An Ultimate Guide

Remote work has been adopted globally by the majority of companies since the onset of a pandemic. With remote hiring, you can hire developers worldwide who are highly skilled and experienced in their respective domains. This remote working model gives you high-quality outputs, improved work efficiency, and reduced costs. If you are a beginner, you must know about the top countries to hire developers for your company. So which country has the best developers for hire? This article discusses the top 9 countries to look at for hiring developers remotely.

Best Countries to Hire Developers:

Certain companies are considering cultural differences, multiple time zones, software developer salaries, and other factors when they start searching for developers. However, one of the biggest challenges of remote working is time zones. While interviewing remote developers, ensure that your time zones overlap with theirs or know whether they are comfortable working in your time zone. It helps avoid conflict and lets your team sync with the remote developers. Once you have figured out your company’s needs, you are ready to look for the best countries to hire developers:

1. India

When you want to outsource web development projects, India is the first country that comes to your mind. It is the second-largest English-speaking country in the world. Also, the Indian education system is heavily focused on mathematics and produces over 2.6 million STEM graduates yearly. Thus, all these reasons make India the favorite option for companies in the US and UK. It is the fastest-growing country in terms of software and innovation. According to research from Gild, Indian developers have outperformed their American counterparts on math and logic assessment by 11% an average Indian developer’s charges begin from $ 30 per hour.

2. Ukraine

HackerRank provides common coding challenges to let developers globally test their skills and solve complex problems. As per the statistical analysis made by HackerRank, Ukraine developers get an average score of 88.7% across all the Hacker challenges. The country is ranked 4th in the world for digital and technical expertise. It is the primary source of IT outsourcing for central and Eastern Europe. The general population does not speak English widely. However, over 80% of the Ukrainian IT population speaks English. Thus, you shouldn’t have any problem hiring developers from Ukraine. The developers in Ukraine may charge between $35-60 per hour based on their skills and expertise.

3. China

China is home to one of the manufacturing technology and IT companies. China is ranked number 1 in the “Programming Olympics” conducted by HackerRank. The World Economic Forum reported that China produces over 4.7 million STEM graduates each year which is the highest number in the world. One of the main problems in hiring a Chinese developer is only 10 million of 1.3 billion Chinese residents can speak English. Thus, it offers a huge communication barrier for international employers. Software Developers from China charge around $33 per hour, which can vary based on their skills and expertise.

4. Poland

As per the statistics reports from HackerRank, Poland has the third most skilled programmers in the world. The programmers of Poland ranked first in Java assessments, and 30% of the Polish population speaks English as a second language making communication simple for employers. The developers in Poland charge around $25-$100 per hour.

5. Romania

According to HackerRack, Romanian developers ranked 20th in the world across all HackerRank programming tests. Roman offers free tuition for its citizens, encouraging them to pursue careers in technology. Software Development in Romania ranks 12th in Europe.  Nearly 90% of the developer community in Romania speaks English and other foreign languages like Russian, German, etc. Thus, it is one of the favorite countries to hire developers for international employers. The Romania developers charge around $16.4 per hour, which is less than one-third of the developers in New York.

6. Philippines

There are over 190k+ developers present in the Philippines. 92% of Filipinos speaks English making the Philippines one of the largest English-speaking country in the world.  The Philippine developers charge around $20-$49 per hour, and the prices can vary according to market standards. The Philippines is the only country that ranks in the top 5 in terms of both the number of English speakers and English proficiency.

7. Brazil

The IT community in Brazil is comparatively younger and scored an average of 73.4% in the HackerRank assessments. Thus, Brazil becomes a perfect place to hire junior developers. But if you want to handle advanced projects, you must look at other countries on this list. Brazil has 6.18 million fluent English speakers, and the government is working towards building a reliable technology education infrastructure. If you look at Brazilian software developer salary, they may charge between $20-$50 per hour.

8. Mexico

Mexico is home to over 100K+ skilled developers, and 12.9% of its total population is fluent in English. The timezone of Mexico is 1 hour behind the United States. Thus Mexico has become one of the best countries for employers in and around the United States. Due to the shared border, the Mexcian and American cultures are mixed up, minimizing the likeliness of cultural clash with the team. Reasons like high return on investment, cheap labor, and low cost of products make Mexico a good place for outsourcing or hiring developers remotely by international companies.

9. Czech Republic

Czech Republic is one of the best countries to choose from if you want to hire developers or outsource software development. The taxes are relatively lower (about 19%), attracting international companies to invest in the information technology sector. Several courses are designed, and higher institutions are established in the county to support their students in finding jobs after graduation.  The Czech Republic is the creator of the popular anti-virus software, “Avast,” which works seamlessly with Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS. The developers are working on the Hidden & Dangerous EuroTruck Simulator, ARMA: Armed Assault. Thus, it is an ideal place to hire developers with proven real-world experience. Their developers charge around $25-$50 per hour.

Wrapping it up!

Selecting the best country for developers is the first step in building a successful remote team. You need transparent systems for communication and collaboration. Hope this article helped you hire developers for your business. Thanks for Reading!



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