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8 Effective Ways To Successfully Build A Remote Team

According to the statistics from ZIPPIA research 2022, 85% of managers believe that teams of remote workers will become the new normal. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have realized that distributed teams are as effective as office-based teams. Some studies have proven remote workers are more productive, and happier than their in-office counterparts. But, remote working has its own set of challenges. Some of them include: how do you build a remote team? How to scale a remote team? How do you build a community in a remote team? We shall answer all your queries through this blog post.

Top 8 Proven Ways to Build a Remote Team

How to build a remote team? Let’s look into some of the actionable ways to build and scale up your remote development team

1. Planning

How to build a remote team?

Create a structured plan that contains a clear scaling strategy from beginning to end. Understand and clearly define your business goals. Create a full-fledged strategy on the goal and the resources required to achieve your goals.

2. Quality Onboarding Process

How do you scale a remote team?

Onboarding the top engineering talent consumes time and effort for the recruitment team. A well-structured onboarding process is necessary to attract the right engineering talent. A good onboarding process must inform your employees about the company’s culture, do’s, and don’ts, leave policy, and work-related details. The complete onboarding process needs to be smooth and effective.

3. Define Clear goals

Due to the dynamics in technological developments, today’s workforce is bound to constantly improve their skill set more than ever before. Thus, when you want to build a remote team, establish short term and Make sure that the interests of your remote employees are aligned with the long-term goals of the company. Help them understand what you expect from them and how their work contributes to your company’s objectives from a broader perspective.

4. Establish a strong culture

How do you build a community in a remote team?
Whether to build a remote team, run a successful organization, or scale up businesses, a strong team culture is necessary. It should clearly define values, behavior conduct, purpose, and work ethics that the employees should adhere to. When a strong team culture is established, each member can identify his responsibilities and expectations. As a result, each employee aligns with the company’s vision and comes up with solutions that might benefit the organization.

5. Employ tools for effective communication

During the pandemic and post-pandemic times, plenty of communication tools have been developed for companies to make virtual communication easy, clear, and effortless. It includes technologies like instant messaging with your team using tools like slack,  allowing quick online calling and chatting across borders using virtual phone systems, and cloud-based platforms like Google Docs, etc. These tools allow you to quickly communicate and collaborate with your remote team. With access to so many communication tools, it can go overwhelming for the users. Thus, you are advised to take measures to ensure that your team exchanges messages that are relevant, and useful to the work purpose.     

6. Use Project Management Tools 

It can be quite challenging to manage activities and track the progress of each employee working remotely from different parts of the globe. There are several project management tools that let you interact with your virtual team, manage your project schedule, effectively plan your project from start to finish, and coordinate and track your employee’s work progress. These tools can help you assist in productive leadership collaboration and avoid any type of jargon or miscommunication in the project.

7. Meet your remote team in person

When you have to build remote teams, it gets challenging to make them feel connected to your company. You have to put effort to make it happen. Organizing offshore office meetings can do wonders in building coordination and bonding within your team. Additionally, you can conduct strategic meetings to review company goals, analyze the performance of the employees and use the opportunity to connect with your team on a personal level.

8. Appreciate their efforts

Recognizing the hard work of remote team employees can help them foster stronger relationships with one another. Send congratulatory emails to your employees when they hit a milestone or acknowledge their achievements. It makes them feel appreciated and heard. Distributing rewards in the form of gift cards to the coffee shop, or movie tickets As a result, they get happier and have increased loyalty to your business.

Wrapping Up!

Building a remote team is challenging and scaling it can be further daunting. Despite all these difficulties, the challenges of managing a remote team can be overcome by implementing appropriate strategies as mentioned in this article. Are you looking for talented developers to build a remote team? Certified Developers can help you choose the world’s best developers to work in your remote team. Visit the Certified Developers homepage to know further information. Thanks for reading!



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